Hotaru lights
the path to the future

Hotaru Thailand is a printing company that holds “Ease of Understanding” as its guiding concept.
We do commercial printing of such things as instruction manuals, catalogs, flyers, and in-house business documents, as well as comprehensively developing system solutions, through the planning, design and data creation phases.

Business & Service

The 4 strengths that make “Ease of Understanding” a reality

Hotaru Thailand makes “Ease of Understanding” a reality through its 4 strengths: DTP, Translation, System solutions, and Printing.

For many years, HOTARU, Ltd., our parent company, has been making an effort as a corporation to achieve the “Ease of Understanding” which customers demand via the creation of manuals.
Among the various skills and technologies cultivated over those years, DTP, Translation, System Solutions and Printing are the skills and technologies that make the core of a printing company.

Hotaru Thailand takes up these four strengths, which were cultivated in Japan, to provide customers with “Ease of Understanding.”

  • DTP
  • Translation
  • System solution
  • Printing